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Apr 26 2012

UEDLAB participated as a team member with the Snohetta AECOM design team for the National Mal Union Square Competition.

For the National Mall Exhibit the UEDLAB proposed amphibian habitat as an ephemeral wetland and sound garden with specific species introductions (American toad, spring peeper and spotted salamander). The amphibian ecology concept is intended to enhance the overall biodiversity of the system. Constructing an ephemeral wetland on site would create a seasonal intensified ecological community providing habitat for a wide variety of species. We propose to construct an amphibian habitat mesocosm that links seasonal ponds and upland habitats constructed on our site as designed ecosystem gardens with multiple adjacent parcels to become a ‚Äúrehabitation zone” The zone is connected to the surrounding urban ecosystems through our proposed Constitution Mall Habitat Corridor.To create these habitats we propose to construct three elements:seasonal wetlands, salamander crossings, and upland habitat.Amphibian mesocosms allow research on constructed habitats to study the impact of hydrology and changing vegetative communities to achieve habitat and aesthetic value while promoting safety and limited maintenance.